• 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
AP Intensive Prep – Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

two lessons(2hrs each) per week for 9weeks, total 36hours to cover all the key knowledge with experienced tutors. Private tutoring also available. Help you to pass AP at 4+

Music – RCM Theory – Level 9 Harmony

Study with our experienced instructors to have all knowledge covered in 30hours+ and make sure you are on track with the schedule and well prepared to pass the coming RCM exams.

Meditation by Chinese Calligraphy with Master Cheung

The practice of Chinese Calligraphy is considered as one way of meditation. It brings inner peace and allows the body and soul to embrace the elements around the environment. Practitioners of Chinese Calligraphy usually live a significantly longer life than others or even compared to contemporary artists. As well, younger students practicing Chinese Calligraphy are […]

AP Mock Exam – Final Sprint – Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

With four weeks of AP mock exams and solution explanation, get the students well prepared both skill wise and mental wise.

Pre-Calculus – Proactive Summer

Build solid Math foundation in 6weeks. Get ready on Calculus and Physics in the coming Sept. Special HELP for TOPS and IB students. Private tutoring lessons are also available to fit your schedule. Early Bird Discount 10% – Register by May 31, 2020 Valid 7/6/2020 – 8/14/2020

Beast Academy – Enriched Math L2

Walk through the doors of Beast Academy to a world of mathematical possibility. Inspiring storylines keep students captivated as they learn to master complex challenges they never imagined.   Early Bird Discount 10% – Register by August 30, 2021 Valid 9/18/2021 – 6/29/2022