Brainastics ®Bootcamp – Gifted Program Entry Exams Preparation

Brainastics ®Bootcamp – Gifted Program Entry Exams Preparation

Gifted Program, one of the best public funded enriched education programs in Canada. By join the Gifted Program, grade 4-12 students will be able to learn the  curriculums in a much deeper and wider level.

Brainastics -1 Step 1 Prep
(Grade 3) Sun 2-3PM | Wed 7-8PM  (Sep-Nov)
We will focus on training students’ test-taking skills in accordance with the requirements of the gifted program admission test. At the same time, it expends students’ thinking dimensionality and flexibility, laying the foundation for successfully passing the first round of school written examinations.
Brainastics – 2 Step 2 Prep.
Passed Step 1
Grade 3
Sun 2-3PM | Wed 7-8PM  (Dec-Feb)*
In accordance with the psychological test requirements and characteristics of the gifted program, the students are systematically trained in English vocabulary, reading comprehension, mathematical thinking, logical thinking, problem solving and memory. The Prep. program will comprehensively improve students’ brain thinking ability and the ability to apply knowledge in multiple dimensions. It also laid a solid foundation for successfully passing the second round of interviews with psychologists.

*There are no classes for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year break.


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