Looking for a way to help your child excel at school? Is your child bored in the classroom and in need of a greater challenge or further enrichment? Maverick Learning offers many comprehensive enrichment programs that can be custom tailored to your child’s needs.

Maverick Learning offers a comprehensive enrichment program consisting of the units listed below. The program provides a very thorough study of Math for students to gain a stronger understanding and further grasp towards important principles in preparation for future studies. Upon completion of the enrichment program, students will have a significantly improved knowledge base and understanding of the subject matter beyond their current grade level.


Grade K-3

English, French, Chess, Drama, Music, Visual Art, Math Contest, Gifted Program, Claude Watson School of Arts Program Preparation.

Grade 4-7

English, French, Math, Chess tutoring,

Kangaroo Contest, Waterloo Math contest, AMC 8, International Junior Science Olympiad(IJSO), SSAT, PAGE Program Preparation

Grade 8-12

English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, AP exams (Calculus, Computer Science Principles, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music Theory) tutoring,

IB, TOPS, AMC 8, 10/12, AIME, MIT Math Prize for Girls, International Junior Science Olympiad(IJSO), International Biology Olympiad, SAT|SSAT Preparation