Visual Art

Visual Art

Visual Art programs at Maverick Learning are collaborated with Artnection with a diverse group of professionals who are eager to share their common passion: The Creative Arts!


Our Art Instructors are artists, teachers, animators, early childhood educators, college/university instructors, graphic designers, lighting artists, product designers, and web designers. We work together to help students develop creative thinking through visual arts.
Every student (3yr-12yrs, 14yr+ & Adults) is creative and has the ability to create art! Our comprehensive program is diverse and students can explore and practice different techniques & mediums in each program we offer.
We emphasize originality and encourage our prospective students to experiment in all aspects of visual arts!

No. of Classes 1hr Class 1.5hr Class 2hr Class
4 $100.00 $130.00 $175.00
12 $270.00 $360.00 $480.00
18 $400.00 $520.00 $700.00

We also offer Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Wash Painting lessons delivered by Master Cheung to children and adults on every Wednesday. The practice of Chinese Calligraphy is also one way of meditation. It brings inner peace and let the body and soul to embrace the elements around the environment. The practitioners of Chinese Calligraphy usually live a significant long life than other people or artist. And the young students who practicing Chinese Calligraphy are found easier and faster to reach higher focusing lever.

Private Lessons

No. of Classes 1hr Class 1.5hr Class 2hr Class
6 $300.00 $360.00 $420.00
12 $540.00 $648.00 $756.00
18 $765.00 $918.00 $1,071.00


Group Lesson (3+)

No. of Classes 1hr Class 1.5hr Class 2hr Class
6 $180.00 $235.00 $300.00
12 $324.00 $432.00 $540.00
18 $459.00 $612.00 $765.00