CWSA Entrance Audition Preparation

CWSA, one of the best public funded art programs in Canada and world wide. By join the CWSA, grade 4-8 students not only learn music, visual art, dance and drama during regular school hours, but also visit selected art exhibitions every year free of charge. Beyond that, the most precious opportunities are that several world famous artists and writes are invited to interact with the students in school every year!

CWSA-1 Best preparation Period: Grade 1-2
Junior Class

Grade 1-2

Saturday 1030 – 1130AM (Sep-Jun)*
In response to the entrance examination requirements the students are systematically trained in music, visual arts, dance and performance art in order to lay a solid foundation for successfully passing the CWSA audition.
CWSA – 2 Grade 3 students can apply in Dec. 1st audition in  the following Feb.
Fast Track Class
Grade 3
Sunday 300 – 430PM (Sep – Feb)*
For students who decide to register for the entrance examination, we will focus on training their test-taking abilities and skills in accordance with the requirements of the 1st round audition in Feb. At the same time, self-confidence and self-discipline are cultivated to lay the foundation for a smooth 2nd round audition.

*There are no classes for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year break.