After School
Many after-school programs offered for skill-building, tutoring, and homework help with our many qualified educators.Maverick Learning offers after-school programs with many areas of study, including academics, visual arts, music, and skill-building programs for either JK to Grade 7 students or Grade 8 to Grade 12 students.

At Maverick Learning’s After School Programs, we help our students build unique learning skills and time management habits to fit their own schedule and personality. Through tutoring services and skills workshops, students will be able to improve their knowledge and understanding of many school subjects beyond their grade level. Homework help is also available as Maverick Learning offers an educational environment that is productive and nurtures learning.
We listen to your family’s unique circumstances and needs to help determine the best possible after school plan for your children. Our aim is to reduce school stress on top of building knowledge and character.

Maverick After-School

-Academic: Math, English, French
-Art: Painting (Paint, oil and Ink wash), Calligraphic, Drama and Stage Acting.
-Music: Piano, Singing, RCM Music Theory
-Skill-Based: Public Speaking, Debate, Chess

-Academic: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English
-Art: Painting (Paint, oil and Ink wash), Calligraphic
-Music: Piano, Singing, RCM Music Theory
-Skill-Based: Public Speaking, Debate, Chess


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