About Us
Maverick Learning Center is a one-stop facility for education and skill building.

Our professional team of executives and educators are passionate, dedicated, and devoted to teach students of all level with life skills to succeed by stimulating their curiosity, developing their learning skills, cultivating efficient learning habits, training the young minds to think independently. So our students can solve problems creatively, face challenges calmly,  and meet their academic and/or life goals.

We offer a safe and modern educational environment with classrooms equipped with computer-based learning techniques, dedicated homework rooms, group study rooms, as well as fully equipped art and music rooms.

Our Strength

Proven tutoring method, focusing on leaning by having fun with math games, word puzzles, board games,  and all seasons camps, aims to deliver the training of young minds to think and helped many local students to achieve higher education goals.

i. Our co-founders have extensive experience in education consulting and business management;

ii. Our teaching team is built with Ontario-certified educators, disciplinary higher education degree holders and well-known industry grand-masters. They have top academic knowledge, rich learning skills, many years of teaching experience and a passion for teaching.

Our Team
Our dedicated team consists of Ontario Certified Educators, Subject Degree holders from top universities and Well-known Masters with great passion for teaching, proven high efficiency learning skills/method, years of teaching experience.

Kevin Ma
Chief Academic Instructor
B.S. in Biochemistry(China)
M.S. in Computer Science(US)

Taining Zhang
Master of Music
Former French Horn Player of National Ballet(China)
Director of Lee De Lun Foundationn
RCM Certified Theory Teacher

Bruce Kwok Shin Cheung
Master of Calligraphy
Chinese National Artist(HK)
Academician of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Academy
Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Kanson Lee
Chief Visual Art Instructor

Cindy Ann Geevarghese
English Instructor
Master of Cultural Studies
Bachelor of English Language and Literature
Bachelor of Education in English and History
OCT#507347 | MEN#0151-3-7052

Bei Yu
Chief Music Instructor
RCM Certified Piano Teacher
RCM Certified Theory Teacher

Train the Mind to THINK



Arts and Music

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